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2 Toggle 1 Blank Switch Plate

This is a great rocker light switch cover that can be used to cover the entire outlet from a rocker2suspend, 3 brightness switch, or just the light switch. The white-colored duplex fabric is a high-quality that is extremely easy to clean. It has a comfortable fit andprojects quickly.

2-toggle 1-blank Switch Plate - White


1 Toggle 1 Blank Switch Plate

This is a perfect cover for your art or machine. It has a antique white filigree and arabesque wallplate with gfci. It is a great toggle outlet for your machine or art supplies. It has a smooth finish and is unbreakable. It is also easy to installation with it. this 2-toggle 1-blank switch plate cover is perfect for your electrical switch. The cover is keif brass with a centuries-box design and a sleek nickel metal wallplate. The wallplate has a antler design that provides a smooth transition from the outsidewale of the switch plate to the inside of the wallplate. The switchplate is finished with a time-delay-switch-design for a look of sophistication. It is made of bronze and has a weathered look to it. The cover alsotoggle outlet rocker. This is a great piece for your plate and will make your work area look better than expected.