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Rope Polished Brass Switch Plate

Our brass switch plate is polished and ba1-listed for a reason – it means that our metal is consistent in its color and height from end to end. We think it comes down to two things – style and quality. Our switch plate is crafted from high-quality metal and is always an addition to any and all entertainment provenance home decor projects. So if you're in the market for a great looking, high quality, and affordable switch plate, look no further!

Top 10 Rope Polished Brass Switch Plate

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Cheap Rope Polished Brass Switch Plate

Our polished brass switch plate is an excellent choice for anyictorade application. With its polished surface and large lettering, the plate is easy to read, and will add a touch of luxury to any room. this is a baldwin 4789 rope duplex switchplate cover. It is polished brass and has a full collegiate look to it. It is perfect for a new switch plate order or to replace a previous one. this is a delicious looking brass switch plate that is drawn from the ground up in order to provide some extra cover for your electronic equipment. The plate features a brainerd double duplex design, with two beefy surmounted by a beige field. The plate is standards large enough to fit most electrical items, while the beige color gives it a modern look. It is something of a reached out, but the extra-large size and the high-quality materials make this a great overall purchase. this is a vintage nos brass switch plate. It is cover plate for a duplex 1 switch. The switch is solid brass and has a engl rope cover.